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Mind Mate

Mind Mate

Mind Mate

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Designed to perk up your body and mind, Mind Mate is an invigorating blend of toasted mate and black tea with a kick of caffeine. It helps you focus, gives you energy and gets the creative juices flowing. This is the perfect way to start your day or break that afternoon slump. With a smooth finish and woody aroma, you’ll love sipping on our tasty energizing tea blend all day long.

Pouch contains 15 pyramid tea bags. The longer you steep, the stronger this tea will become. Can add your favorite milk. Great way to replace your coffee in the morning.

Toasted Mate Tea, Black Tea, Cocoa Nibs, Kola Nuts Inclusion, Cinnamon & Safflower

Velvety. Warm. Woodsy.

Mild notes of cinnamon meet the natural punch of caffeine from kola nut mixed with cocoa to make this the wake-up beverage that you didn’t know you needed.

Processing Time: 1 – 3 business days

Delivery Timeframes
UAE and other GCC regions: 2 – 4 business days
USA, UK, Europe, Canada and other regions: 5 – 7 business days


Increase Serotonin

Cocoa nibs have active compounds that can increase the levels of the hormones, serotonin and dopamine, in your brain.

Rich in vitamin C

Mate is an antioxidant powerhouse that contains many beneficial plant compounds and nutrients.

Aids the Nervous System

This artisanal blend of nature’s most potent caffeine will give you the energy you need to get the day started and last throughout the day.

Relieves Stress and Anxiety

Studies have shown that Kola Nut is beneficial for balancing blood sugar levels and able to improve the function of beta cells in the pancreas



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    T. Kimberlyn

    Focused late nights, no interrupted sleep

    The Mind Mate tea is delicious! When you open the bag the smell is soothing and it definitely helped me to stay focused while I completed some late night work without keeping me up when I was ready for bed. I can’t wait to get the others as I know they’ll do exactly what they say. This is great alternative to coffee for me

    June 21, 2023
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