Decompression Realm

Embark on Your
Calmness Journey

Explore our collection of carefully crafted products to help you find your calm
We offer a variety of products all designed to suit a particular need. We know the process of unnerving and decompressing involves transgressing towards peace with the help of supplemental aid. Our range includes Herbal Teas with specified functions to help you sleep better, achieve more focus and get rid of annoying jitters. Our eye care collection is there to help soothe your eyes and relieve the built-in stress that our eyes hold on to. Complete your experience with our mugs collection for an enhanced sipping experience.

Herbal Teas

Eye Massager


Your Path to Inner Harmony Starts Here

Our herbal teas are crafted from premium natural ingredients and blended to create a potent elixir that helps people relax, focus and sleep better.

Herbal Tea


$ 13.61

Herbal Tea

Mind Mate

$ 13.61

Herbal Tea


$ 13.61

Nourish Your Eyes with Our Eye Care Collection

We have designed two distinct eye masks focused on helping you relieve and revive one of the most important parts of your body, your eyes.

3D Eye Massager

$ 108.92

Rose Quartz

Eye Mask

$ 80.33

Elevate Your Sipping Experience

Indulge in the art of tea with our captivating tea cup collection – a diverse array of elegantly selected cups to enhance your sipping experience.


$ 23.14

Star and

$ 24.23

Eye of Hamsa Protection

$ 21.51

Queen of

$ 21.51
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